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Jane Askey

Jane Askey

  • Hybrid Gallery Jane Askey Spring Blossom and Bluebells
  • Hybrid Gallery Jane Askey Brightly Lit Night Garden
  • Hybrid Gallery Jane Askey Aqua Sea and Spring Garden
  • Hybrid Gallery Jane Askey Early Summer Blues
  • Hybrid Gallery Jane Askey Listening to the Birdsong Amongst the Blossom
  • Hybrid Gallery Jane Askey The Blue Ladder Dungeness

Jane experiments with drawing and painting in response to the landscape, the coast and architecture she sees walking and sketching. She enjoys taking a view from an elevated vantage point or unusual angle. Recent paintings of towns and harbours reveal a fascination with the interlocking shapes and colours of houses, boats and architecture.

For Jane working outside is liberating, allowing for energy and spontaneity in her mark making as she explores the physical quality of her medium as well as colour, texture and light. Back in the studio she works on a range of surfaces; referencing sketchbooks, photographs and memory, she uses gouache, coloured pencils, inks, watercolours, collage, acrylic and oil paint to evoke the character and mood of a specific place.

Jane has travelled widely, she currently lives in Fife. She gained a degree in Textile Design from Manchester and has taught at university whilst continuing her painting practice. She shows her painting at several galleries across the UK.