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Serena Curmi

Serena Curmi

  • Hybrid Gallery Serena Curmi Ascent
  • Hybrid Gallery Serena Curmi Water Rush
  • Hybrid Gallery Serena Curmi Quiet Steps Forward
  • Hybrid Gallery Serena Curmi Raw Ground
  • Hybrid Gallery Serena Curmi Into Cloud
  • Hybrid Gallery Serena Curmi As the Mist Settles

Serena spent her childhood travelling and sailing around the world, an unusual and broad education which she finished at Falmouth College of Arts. Maybe as a result of this upbringing she has a minimalist approach to life, which can be seen in her painting. 

Moving into new territory with her latest body of work, Serena explores the alpine landscape. However these are not simply scenic views; like the old postcards which spiked her initial interest, these images conjure a wistfulness, a yearning for the remote and distant. 

Layers of oil are applied and scraped back to achieve a balance. Some small works are finally encased in resin, mimicking the glazing over of a rock face. Her minimal paintings evoke the uncharted places we might wish to reach and the feelings of longing they provoke.

Serena lives in Bristol, painting from studios within the Jamaica Street Artists collective and shows in Cambridge, London and the West Country.