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Dylan Lloyd 2024

Dylan Lloyd 2024

4 April - 31 May 2024
  • Hybrid Gallery Dylan Lloyd Dorset Garden Border IV
  • Hybrid Gallery Dylan Lloyd West of the Border
  • Hybrid Gallery Dylan Lloyd Western Border III
  • Hybrid Gallery Dylan Lloyd Dorset Hedgerow X

We are delighted to show four very recent works by Dylan Lloyd here.

Dylan’s work is a response to the classic subject, the garden. His paintings refer to the depth of field and pixilation found in digital photography yet use no technology, purely traditional paint techniques. 

Dylan builds up thin layers of oil paint creating areas of intense detail balanced by gestural brushwork. He encourages a sense of immersion, for the viewer to be transported into the garden-scape whilst at the same time absorbed by the surface of the painting.

A recent studio move has inspired images of local hedgerows and the point at which garden boundaries merge with the wider landscape. The appreciation of plants and  nature and the painted response to it have been an increasingly important aspect of life over the last few years;

“The pleasure of working in the studio, drawing in gardens or walking in the landscape have never been so important and so closely connected”.

Dylan Lloyd lives and works in Blandford Forum, Dorset.