The theme of reuse runs through every aspect of Daisy’s work. 

Most shapes start life as a found or recycled object; either the space within it or the shape itself. From these objects Daisy creates moulds into which she casts. 

The material principally used for casting is Jesmonite, developed in the 80s as an alternative to cast concrete, it consists of a natural mineral base and a water based binder, resulting in a VOC free, robust, tactile material . It has the ability to pick up even the finest detail of a mould and happily carries the inclusions Daisy adds. 

These inclusions vary from the sand and soil of land around her Berkshire home to crab and mussel shells collected from the shoreline in Cornwall.

Shown in this exhibition are many pieces created using shoreline finds - location buoys and fishermen’s floats, shells and sand.

Daisy trained in Architecture at Glasgow School of Art which instilled in her a fascination with the concept of negative space, that which architects create by enclosure, a short hop from here led to her work now.