Judith was an Open University student early on in their programme, she then gained a degree in Fine Art, studying at North Devon College and Exeter College of Art, awarded by Plymouth University.  Here she discovered printmaking. She considers herself lucky to have caught the final years of the traditional print rooms; the presses, inks, papers and processes which go back centuries.  

Most of Judith’s work is relief print, she relishes the reduction to essentials that relief printmaking involves.  The blocks are cut from wood or lino, ink applied, then paper and finally pressure.  Colours are built up by layering blocks, sometimes inking more than one colour on each block.  Prints are pulled using a simple manual press or by hand burnishing. 

Alongside and complementing her individual work,  she is one of the group of printmakers collectively known as Pine Feroda. The artists come together several times a year to make large scale woodcuts. In September 2017 an Arts Council Award enabled them travel to China to broaden their knowledge and approaches to the ancient practice of woodcut printmaking.



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