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Giuliana Lazzerini

Giuliana Lazzerini

  • Hybrid Gallery Giuliana Lazzerini Bird Song
  • Hybrid Gallery Giuliana Lazzerini Red Deer
  • Hybrid Gallery Giuliana Lazzerini Quiet Gathering
  • Hybrid Gallery Giuliana Lazzerini Follow Me

Giuliana was born in Tuscany, Italy. As a young child she spent much of her time in her father’s mosaic studio, the influence of his work with bright colours vibrating again each other is evident in her current painting.

Giuliana celebrates the beauty of the landscape both in England and Tuscany, the landscape and coastline, the animals and natural world. Her compositions rely on her memory and imagination and using vivid colour she constructs her paintings to let the colour sing in harmony. Paint is applied spontaneously with vigour, combining brush and palette knife she brings her urgency and vitality to the canvas.

Giuliana’s formal art training was in Italy and she moved to the UK in 1973. She has exhibited widely; in Italy, Switzerland, Michigan USA, the north of England and London.  She has been a three times finalist in Singer & Friedlander/ RWS Sunday Times competition and won awards in Italy.