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Antonio Lopez Reche

Antonio Lopez Reche

  • Hybrid Gallery Antonio Lopez Reche Standing Horse
  • Hybrid Gallery Antonio Lopez Reche Minotaur's Torso
  • Hybrid Gallery Antonio Lopez Reche Mr Hare

Mythology is the central theme of Antonio’s bronzes, the narrative apparent in the figurative forms of his sculpture. However it is the evidence of his modelling of clay, wax and plaster to convey movement and strength, before being cast into bronze which reveals the essence of Antonio’s work.

He acknowledges his reference to the work of the great Masters and shares their motivation,

“In my opinion in addition to their technical brilliance and mastership the main reason why the great masters survive the test of time is their gift in depicting or touching something that is universal and that defines human kind beyond temporary trends, something that runs the course of history like a thread that can not be broken and reveals who we are. No other human production seems to tell better about who we are unreservedly depicting our virtues and flaws, our grace and darkness, than mythology.”

Originally from Barcelona Antonio studied at University there and at Central St Martins. He has worked from his London studio for the last 25 years.