Of the May 2020 Series currently showing Lee writes;

I wanted to create something of the current situation we find ourselves in. For obvious reasons everything continues to feel a little off-kilter, time appears to stand still but (for me at least) is going by at record speed. That ethereal often dream-like beauty can be felt on quiet walks in both rural and urban settings of late. It's been an interesting time for Britain in recent years and although the coronavirus is headline news right now Brexit continues to divide the country and will forever haunt these shores.

Lee is a self-taught artist who began drawing in detail from a very young age. He has shown internationally and exhibited in the “Dismaland galleries” curated by Banksy.

Lee paints at a large scale, isolating a subject within a broader landscape. Choosing an abandoned structure, vehicle or derelict building Lee provokes a mood of unease and disturbance through the combination of its isolation, the detail in its rendition and the strong play of light. Presenting a familiar image in a moody and intimate setting he creates a sense on unease and provoke the creation of a narrative which is intentionally not fully explained.

Lee will be presenting a solo exhibition at Hybrid in Spring 2021.


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