Layla Rose paints portraits and scenes of everyday life which lie between figuration and abstraction. Her recent paintings examine a poignant moment in a child’s development, of self-awareness and reflection. Feeling that the ideas and intentions of the youthful are often overlooked she chooses to discover in children a poise and dignity.

In the creation of her paintings Layla has a carefree approach, focusing initially on the colour palette she begins working using her intuition. She is interested in allowing her inner child to play in the early stages of a painting to encourage spontaneous mark-making and often incorporates storytelling within her paintings.

Layla Rose studied a BA in Fine Arts followed by Art History at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Her work was selected for the Columbia Threadneedle Prize in 2017 and she was winner of RGI The James Torrance Memorial award Royal Glasgow Institute Of The Fine Arts (154th). She lives in her native Scotland.