The St Legers are a husband and wife team who work in minute detail to create intricate automata pictures from their workshop in Bridport.

Laurence and Angela devise tiny moving automata from tin which are then painted in miniature detail and set into a box frame.

Their range of subjects with simple actions raise a smile and charm all who have the pleasure of turning a tiny handle or pushing a beaded knob.

Single designs include; Scuba Diver, Mermaid, Surfer, Sailboat, Strongman, Lion Tamer,  Seagull, Frog, Tit on a Milk Bottle.

More complex designs include; SandDance, The Sailor's Dream, In the Dentist's Chair,  A Chorus Line.

Pieces may be made to commission to suit an individual - please enquire. These pieces will cost more than the designs normally available.