Winged & Shed

Open Saturday March 14th
Winged features Evi Antonio and Bea Forsall
Shed Features Dean Patman and Rob Mason

Rob Mason
Shed Truck
acrylic on canvas 350 x 250 mm
£350 (unframed)

Programme of Exhibitions 2015

our schedule is now finalised, please follow the blue link (above) to the page to see our diverse line up for the year.

A note on sizes in 2015

We have always stated sizes in millimetres, width x height as I was told many years ago that was the correct protocol, it was explained that you 'walk into a house and go up the stairs" ie along and up = width by height. It seems however everyone else in the world does it the other way around, height x width, so we have taken a policy decision to swap over and join the rest of the world. However I'm not prepared to change every caption on the web site so anything pre 2015 will be WxH and from now on will be HxW with an irritating patch about now where it's a mixture of the two. Please look at the picture and use your own judgement and common sense as to which way we have expressed the dimensions. 
1651 x 480mm