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When Jacqueline and I had our few days off and went to Stratford-upon-Avon to see Twelfth Night at the RSC – excellent by the way, do go and see it if you get a chance – we particularly enjoyed the spaces they have created in the remodelled building and the quality of the work. It felt cared for and loved and celebrated british products and what greater product of britain has there been but the bard himself? The day after seeing the play we walked around the town in glorious sunshine and found ourselves back at the theatre in the morning considering tickets for Richard III (there were none and we thought it might dilute the previous night’s great offering) and found ourselves looking at the lovely architectural detail like the strips of timber dividing up the long stretch of polished concrete, yum; the leaving of the old wall openings and staircase on the original shell; the tiny weep holes above the strangely lintel-less windows in the tower. After more walking and chatting to a wench through the open window of Shakespeare’s birthplace ( I wasn’t only chatting to her because she was wearing period costume, I was thinking about the 1608 scene in our TVCT production) we found ourselves once more back at the theatre. Top floor restaurant this time for a glass of English sparkling wine, in the champagne method, Ridgeview from Brighton, bloody lovely. We enjoyed the bespoke sofas too, we looked on the underside of the footstool for their name and I looked them up when we got home and when I remember their name again I’ll post it ! The lighting too was great and british, ‘Bestlite’ designed by this man.

Robert Dudley Best

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