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Well its a couple of weeks since our return from the Devon Art Fair which I think was, for a first show, a success. We sold several of Rachel Ross’ spoon paintings and similar amount of silk screen prints by Jane Ormes. We met many existing customers and gained some new ones. The camaraderie among fellow gallery owners was refreshing and the venue despite its vile green ceiling was pleasant to be in (I’ll come on to the rest of the Riviera Conference Centre later!) airy and light enough though I would fork out for more spot lights next time.

Interestingly the public’s perception of the fair was mixed, many people said they thought it was a fair of Devon art i.e. they were expecting some rubbish amateur watercolours in ill considered frames and were surprised by the quality of work from galleries from all over the country. But generally they thought it was a good thing for Torquay and hoped it would happen again.

So on to the Riviera Centre itself. It is a nightmare of an interior. Interior design students should go on visits to be shown how not to do it. Never in my 50 years on this planet have I seen so many surface patterns, textures and treatments in one building or indeed on one wall. It sort of defies description, you have to see it for yourself really (nor could I bring myself to take photographs) to behold the true majesty of its awfulness. So next time you are in Torquay go and take a look. Take sun glasses if you are sensitive and a paper bag if you have any design ethic in you at all and walk from the main entrance to the Bay Brasserie and see how many patterns and materials you can count.

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