World of Blogging awaits

Ah a blog. It conjures in me the classic Birthday or Christmas phrase ‘just what I’ve always wanted’. It will be a place where I can waffle on about the things that interest me of an artistic, cultural or just plain odd nature. You may in due course find out about my views on painting and painters, video art, architecture, chairs, gardening and nature. It will allow me to keep you up to date on what is looking good in the garden, here at the gallery, and to that end I shall go now (walk past the plants that just arrived from the nursery which must be planted today) and photograph the Cimicifuga simplex atropurpurea which is in its full glory and attracting hover flies like there is no tomorrow. Ha ha I used my new iPhone4 camera and found a zoom slider which I can’t find again now. Uh oh uploading images problems, maybe the picture will arrive later. But I found the zoom slider again, phew.

Image upload sorted (thanks guys at Cosmic)

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