Dylan was born in Kent and studied Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art. He spends his time between work and studios in Wimborne, Dorset and the Island of Portland. He shows in London, Hay and Portugal as well as with Hybrid in Devon.

In 2002 Dylan produced a series of paintings from the parkland at Canford School, Dorset, another series focused on a small area in front of his shed where his children would play and grow flowers. Dylan’s recent works have focused on the walled garden at Clarendon House near Salisbury and his new developing plot on Portland, in both he encourages a sense of immersion and shared experience of the space.

Painting the gardens in series, using an exaggerated depth of field and pixilated elements Dylan intentionally suggests photography and recording the passage of time. The works are however created from memory; having the appearance of a photograph, on inspection they morph to purely paint brushed on canvas. 

Dylan has exhibited with Hybrid at the Affordable Art Fair at Bristol and Battersea.


Hybrid Gallery Dylan Lloyd Coastal Summer Garden
Coastal Garden II
Hybrid Gallery Dean Patman Pheasant