Niggy turned to painting, a childhood love, to convalesce when poor health curtailed her Law degree studies. An impulsive entry into the Wells Art Contemporary Open in 2012 resulted in selection and led to her exhibiting at Hybrid the following year.

Niggy has a prodigious natural talent; working within the tradition of Classical Realism, she brings freshness to the genre. Her paintings have been in much demand since her first showing and she is enjoying remarkable success early in her career.

She makes the distinctive choice of an aerial view for her subject and frequently a circular form for the composition. Blooms bunched together around a central bird’s nest or egg are exquisitely painted in oils, fruits temptingly overflow a shallow dish. Her rich colours glow from the depths of the dark ground. Isolated from any context the intrinsic beauty of her subjects from the natural world are celebrated.

Group Exhibitions

2016    A Singular Vision 



Dandelions and Daisies in a Jam Jar
Hybrid Gallery Rob Mason Bonfire by the Wagon
Elephant Guava
Hybrid Gallery John Newberry Daisies