Henrietta Paine was born in Bath. She studied Fine Art printmaking at Glasgow School of Art where she also exhibited as well as Edinburgh Academy. She left Glasgow and went on to study painting and drawing at UWE, Bristol. Over the past twenty years, in-between parenting, she has exhibited and sold work in many group exhibitions at galleries in Bristol and at RWA. in 2004 she moved to South Devon.

Her current series are about exploring our relationship with 'things'. They may be things that are in our every day routine, for example a cup of tea, a glass, a tin, a jar... or be a more personal possession which holds nostalgic memory and meaning. The images are about tracing something back to its origins, they are also about looking at something as mundane as a cup of tea and not only seeing the origins in it but the purpose of it...to bring stillness into our lives, a moment of reflection, of connection with others.